BELLA VITA from Jason Baffa

Directed by Jason Baffa, the award-winning creator of such surf classics as Singlefin Yellow and One California Day, “Bella Vita” portrays the rich and authentic bond between Italian culture, intensely close-knit community and a crew of adventure seeking surfers — all captured via exhilarating and raw 35 mm footage. Follow pro surfer, artist and environmentalist, Chris Del Moro, as he journeys to retrace his boyhood summers spent in Italy, and revel alongside him in discovering the richness and remarkable depth this passionate country still yet possesses. Accompanied by surfers David Rastovich, Conner & Parker Coffin, Alessandro Ponzanelli, Lauren L. Hill and young Italian super star Leonardo Fioravanti. Del Moro delves into the depths of Italy’s vast oceans, its proud history and its passionate people — utilizing his own story as the poignant backdrop to bring it all together — this beautiful life, that’s Bella Vita”!